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Pragmatic Service

I can't really comment on much as the parcel was delivered while I was out however we have a secure porch which the operative left the small parcel in, out of sight, and then put a card through the inner door. This is something many companies won't do and which then necessitates to trip to somewhere to collect it or staying in all day for a £6 lampshade!
Well done. A refreshingly common sense approach!
Consignment # ZWASSR077329


Very useful company, especially if you're in a hurry!

Useful site to get anfi-malarial drugs from without the need to visit a GP. They sell unbranded Malarone at a lower cost that the gsk version and have a good fence of other stuff to keep you safe. Would recommend a look.

Simply Electronics Ltd.

Exceeded all expectations (and their own targets!)

I left it a bit late to buy my wife a new phone for a special occasion but chose Simplyelectronics mainly on price as no one could deliver one in time. In the event, after an email to customer services, they pulled out all the stops and, without promising anything, got one to me bang on time. While you can't take that as a licence to order late and ask them to exceed their stated delivery time target, it does speak volumes about customer service and being treated as an individual, and for that I am grateful. I would recommend them to anyone - you can only speak as you find and I found them to be faultless.


Good products at best prices with low cost next day delivery thrown in - couldn't ask for more!

Their product range is good and as a bonus I got the tap I wanted in the sale. The order was processed quickly and as their standard next day delivery is just £3.95 on top it was a right result!


Service is technically fine but lacks a little customer care

Flight from Grenada to London was fine except that in the 11hrs we were on the aircraft were were offered less than a litre of fluids and all but 25cl of that was either alcohol or caffeine based. We had to ask for extra water to drink which sometime took over 15 minutes to arrive! Given the current concerns over dehydration and the effects of flying on the body I would have expected more attention to detail. After all, there's not much else for the cabin crew to do on a night flight once the meal is out of the way!

PMC Telecom

How do you review a perfect service...?

Website clear and easy to navigate
Registration simple and straightforward
Processing within hours
Dispatch shortly afterwards
Delivery next day at no extra charge
Product as described and in perfect condition
Price lowest on the web
I can't ask for any more can I...?!
Only one negative point....I wish I'd found the ages ago! ;-)

mercredi 2 mars 2011

Réponse de PMC Telecom

Thanks for the great review, Adrian.

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