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Dårligt kundeservice!

I waited 20 minutes on the phone for somebody to pickup from customer service. This is very irritating.

lundi 28 janvier 2013

Réponse de YouSee A/S

Hi Lubomir

I am sorry that you have had a bad experience with our Customer Care. These days we are employing new agents to our Customer Care to handle all the incoming calls from the customers.

Best Regards Martin

European Travel Interactive


I've tried to contact them by phone, because of change to my reservation. I have to wait like 15 minutes, without hanging up and nobody answered. This is outrageous! Combined with that I'm out of country and I'm on roaming.

Do not use!!

The laziest people I've ever had to wait for...

They take money for nothing

Hi all,

I payed boligportal 365kr for 2 months usage and there are no interesting offers in Copenhagen.

Also the site is not usable from mobile phone/iPad, most of times nothing happens when I try to use it from my phone.

The apartments do not have images with interior and most of times the people behind the ads do not answer e-mail. And they do not leave a phone number.

So I will never use this one again...

vendredi 27 avril 2012

Réponse de

Dear Lubomir,

We are sorry to learn, that you have had a negative experience of during the first two weeks of your search for property on our website.

I want to encourage you to contact us as soon as possible, so that we may help you get better outcome of your search profile and hopefully find your next home.

The area in which you are searching is very popular, so you may have to lower your expectations regarding especially size and price. Very few vacant properties match your current criteria. However, you can change your criteria in the search ad on your profile and immediately get an updated list of matching offers, so that you can see the impact of your changes. Also, due to the popularity of mid-sized apartments in Copenhagen, you should expect to contact several landlords in order to be picked out for presentation of the apartment. The landlords get many requests within short time, so make sure to “sell yourselves well” including a short personal description and emphasizing that you will take good care of the place, have a steady income, etc.

We know that some but not all landlords upload photos to the ad. Again, this has to do with the balance between offer and demand and the effort necessary to find the next tenant. However, we will be introducing a new photo upload solution in order to encourage more landlords to upgrade their ads with further information.

We have detected an error on the mobile site that the developers are currently working on, so please bear with us, we will fix this as soon as possible.

I wish you best of luck in your continued search for property, and repeat my sincere invitation to contact us by phone (+45 70 20 80 82), chat or e-mail ( so that we can help you obtain a better outcome.

Kind regards,
Katrine Ballarín,


Jysk Sorø kicked us out because they were closing?!

We were at Jysk Sorø to buy a new cupboard for home. We were like close to the closing hour, but we were on the cashier and were preparing to pay when the girl at the cash desk said: "can't you hurry up I have to go home"

I hate this in Denmark every employee doesn't care about the service they are part of, it makes all of those services in Denmark pretty unreliable. I hate lazy people!


Jensen har det dårligste service.

Jensen har det dårligste service.

Der gik nok 5-10 min før der kom en tjener og spurte hvor mange vi skulle have bord til, 2 svaret vi, og fik svaret "Ja lige et øge blik" som varet ydeligere 5-10 min (skal lige siges der var en hel under etage, med MASSER AF PLADS!

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