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Castleberg Outdoors

First class service and advice

I purchased a Salomon Advanced Skin S-LAB 12 Set pack from Castleberg Outdoors. Before doing so I spoke to James, who had a thorough and detailed understanding of the pack - having reviewed it and used it himself. The pack was also offered at a good price too... Thanks Castleberg Outdoors!

Sigma Sport

Good value, fast delivery but very short 'use by' dates on gels

This was my first, and last, purchase from Sigma Sport. I purchased 24 Clif Shot Gels. Admittedly I purchased them from the 'sale' part of the website, but when I received the gels they all had very short shelf lives - giving me about 3 weeks to use the lot.

For food/nutrition items I don't think it is unreasonable for a supplier to advise that the product is reduced in price because it has to be used within a very short space of time. It's left me rather disappointed...

mardi 9 octobre 2012

Réponse de Sigma Sport

Hello M. Roberts, Thank you for your review. We apologize for our oversight and will in the future include expiry dates on nutrition that have a short shelf life. If you can email me I would like to talk to you more in depth about your order with us:

Please except our apology again, and we hope you'll shop with us sometime in the near future.


A great, well honed buying experience

Amazon have got the buying experience down to a tee. Good product descriptions, excellent reviews (even the bad ones). Have recently noticed that prices aren't quite as competitive as they once were.


Poor website that always causes Safari browser to crash

Every time I have endeavoured to use this website it has crashed my Safari browser. For an organisation the size of Tesco this is not acceptable.

National Tyres and Autocare

Simple buying experience.

A simple, easy to use website which lets you buy tyres quickly and at competitive prices - nothing more, nothing less.

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