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Outstanding Customer service

I ordered two identical items, one of which was faulty.
Having been delivered on a Friday morning, this faulty item was only discovered on late Friday afternoon. Closed on Saturday, the three day return window had passed.
Called in on Monday morning to be met with a cheerful reply, product exchanged and told to keep the faulty item (no good to man nor beast anyway).

Great service and highly commended in this era of mediocrity and could'nt-care-less attitudes.

Highly recommended and I am very impressed.


Variety and choice

Something for everyone, often good prices and for specific items not always freely available in the general market.

A fab way of transacting


Peace of mind

A secure comfortable way of transacting, peace of mind and great security


Fantastic Company

Got all the asisstance I required in investigating my own website.

Good products and great service.


Great service

Items arrived, as ordered, up to the expected quality standard.

No complaints.


Poor delivery service

On the last two occassions when having goods delivered by Yodel, they have been left on the doorstep, in the rain with no reference note informing us that they were there.

This is spite of a working doorbell and someone at home all the time.

Not good service and not recommended.


Great Service

Trouble free transaction. Great service and effective comms

Great source other than National Rail

Highly recommend this company for travel plans involving rail.

Their prices are often cheaper than the prices offered direct from say Virgin, Cross Country etc. How, I don't know but save I do.

Especially good for advance fares too.

I use them regularly and recommend them.


Others opinions are valued

Great to hear what other people think and help rate your proposed trip, venue and or locations.

When one uses such sites, there will always be the Mother Grundy's who will complain, regardless of the situation. These are not to be confused with people who offer criticism in a positive way.

If I think of how many times I have cringed when overhearing a "customer" berating someone in a most unpleasant manner. I would only be too pleased to be rid of them. The downside is that they post negatively and this may have dire consequences to the Venue.

When reading the opinions, one should try to remain objective and read ALL the reviews, not only the ones that provide ammunition why "you should not".

To all the contributors, thank you for helping me choose some of the memorable moments in my life and well done TripAdvisor.


Excellent service!

I have been registered with Amazon for the last ten years or so.

It was only on my return to the UK from extensive traveling abroad that I really got into the benefits and convenience of shopping on Amazon.

All the goods ordered, bar one, and there have been many, have arrived without any issues whatsoever.

One incident was with their, then contracted delivery company who has since been terminated. (Left a portable CD player gift on the front step, in the rain and not signed for). This was replaced immediately and as it was a gift for imminent delivery, Amazon sent in next day at their expense.

Great and convenient place to shop.


Delivery Style???

An expensive arrangement, sent by doting children and the granddaughters to Granny/Mom was delivered in a large cardboard carton. ON THE DOORSTEP!!!!This prior to the recent cold weather.

As my wife is disabled, there is always someone at home to receive items should they be delivered. There was no knock at the door, no ringing of a very effective doorbell, in fact not even clatter of the letter flap.
Regrettably, the contact details were wet as a result of the snow and were totally illegible.

I guess drop and run was the order of the day, especially as it was dusk.

The gift was only discovered the following day and, needless to say, was completely frozen, thanks to the recent cold snap.

Very disappointing and not the service we would have expected from a company with such a reputation.


Questionable Integrity

I received my goods SIX weeks after ordering and they were incorrectly sized.

I double checked on their website to confirm the required size and again, sent off a mail requesting a substitution for the correct sizes. This was also copied to Groupon with a plea for assistance.

In Groupon's defence, they managed to get some form of response from Bodini, however, I was informed that only two sizes were available in the UK and not three as per the website. VERY MISLEADING. To think that after all these years, a Post Graduate Degree in Science and a fair amount of "street cred", I would at least be able to read and correctly interpret and digest what I had read.

Will I use them again or recommend them. NO!!!!! I would get more pleasure out of stoking my fire in the hearth with my bare hands.


Groupon UK

Disjointed Groupon.

I too, have or had been sucked into the joys of shopping online and getting bargains to boot.

Well. This adds fuel to the fire and confirms the adage of "there is no such thing as a free lunch."

My seven recent purchases (from November 2011) have resulted in TWO transactions being successful. I have called them on the telephone, sent emails on numerous occasions without success.

I have mentioned to them about their vendors giving Groupon a bad name and tarnishing their (Groupon's) reputation. They needn't concern themselves. They are doing a sterling job all by themselves.

When asking for an order to be cancelled and the transaction refunded, the stories come out about "getting the original transaction details from the vendor". "Proof from the vendor that they agree to cancel the deal".

All of this is well and good if one could contact the respective vendors, (forwarded Message service / no-one is available to take your call/ there is no more space for messages/ please try again later). However, many appear to be figments of someones imagination, operating out of some dingy or non existent premises or Stationery Cabinet in the garage or somewhere on an allotment no doubt!. All of my communications have so far, fallen on deaf ears, with few transactions being successful.

Not all of the vendors are questionable however. There are a couple viz: The Queens Arms in Berkshire who have been fantastic. A J Electronics with a Sony Viao Laptop for my wife. Great service from both of them.

The others have been an abject and dismal failure. I am effectively +/-£ 100 out of pocket, excluding the vast sums paid directly to the vendors for delivery charges. I have resigned myself to the fact that I have been fleeced and am now out of pocket, tough to accept as a pensioner but definitely a wiser one.

The counter offers from them about supplying vouchers in lieu of....don't mean much as they are time restricted and limit your trading with Groupon vendors. And so the farce continues and you get sucked in deeper and deeper. Better to cut my losses.

As stated before, not all vendors are questionable, however, Groupon needs to re-assess it's relationship with these shady types and they are being tarred with the same brush, exposing themselves to further abuse. It would also help if they paid attention to the comments emanating from consumer sites, The Office of Fair Trading, etc. They appear to close a blind eye to all the criticisms and just do not care.

Car Audio Centre

Customer Service Manager needs a job review

An order for RAC parking sensors, via Groupon, was placed on the 20th December 2011.

As of now, 6th February, it has still not arrived at the designated address. I used the order processing facility to be informed that my order was being "processed".

I desperation I turned to the telephone and spoke with a very apologetic young lady who informed me that due to larger than anticipated orders, there would only be inventory at the end of February and I should receive my order, early in March This is almost three months that Car Audio Centre have had my cash to transact with, without the common courtesy of a notification of any sort to the customer (the ones that keep the business running), of an impending delay.

Surely this is not too much to expect?

A one liner, letter of apology and stating the obvious, would suffice!

To say that I am disappointed with the "Service" or rather, lack thereof from Car Audio Centre will make it impossible to recommend them to friends and colleagues and I personally cannot see any benefits of using them again in the future. There are, after all, many organizations that will willingly compete for my hard earned cash in these tough times. Companies who care and do not trade with arrogance and impunity.
Not recommended as a trading partner. If the Head Office sets such an example, heaven help the poor franchisees.

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