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Good price and fast delivery, what else could I ask for?

I used Gameseek as they showed up as the cheapest price for a newish PS3 game on a comparison website. The game arrived in a little time and their emails are unusually cheerful. Good price and fast delivery, what else could I ask for? A cheerful email, that's what. And I got it.

Kybotech Limited

Fairly poor.

The BillyOh 4x2 garden store arrived as promised - flat packed and delivered only a few days after my order.

The instructions for construction were poor and for £119, the quality of the prefabrication and thickness of the timber was disappointing . I found it extremely difficult to make the garden store doors fit. Even after completion the store remained flimsy and insecure; it is quite easy to lift the whole roof off even though it is fixed as per instructions.

Buying this garden store was an expensive mistake I will not repeat. I regret buying a shed unseen, as you cannot tell whether a product is good or bad from pictures on a website. Next time I shall go to a local supplier where I can see and feel the quality.

I also have suspicions about some of the reviews for some of the companies on the trustpilot website. Notice how many of the 5* reviewers only have one review?

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Good prices and delivery as per order

I have bought heating oil from fuelfighter several times over the last few years. Their website works well and you can choose a quick delivery for a slightly higher price or opt for the economy price delivered several days away. Prices have tended to be cheaper than the online competition. Delivery has always gone well for me with a phone call to advise the exact day.


Quick delivery and good value.

I ordered a fleece from them which arrived very quickly. Just as described on their website. Blacks has since been taken over by JD Sports.

Thompson & Morgan Customer Care Team

Always done well for me.

Good offers at certain times of the year.
I've bought seeds and seed potatoes from them lots of times. I've had a couple of problems with the wrong variety of potatoes being delivered but it was resolved to my advantage both times. First year, refund and second year replaced.


So, is it in stock or not?

I ordered a gift pack just after Christmas 2011 as it was an outstanding bargain. Registered on site, gave away my details, address, credit card details, ordered, waited. No money was taken, but I received an "out of stock, order cancelled" email after a day or so. Will not bother again.


If its in stock, its in stock

I hate it when you order something only to be told in a follow up email that it wasnt really in stock. That has never happened to me here. I've ordered around 10 times and the books have always arrived quickly, well packed and just what I expected.

The Online-basket-company

Part of the online homebrew / shopping company stable

I ordered from the online homebrew company on 18 December and by late February had received nothing. The only way I got my money back was by complaining to my bank. You have been warned.


Quick delivery and a great price. I love my new camera.

I bought a Nikon from them.
It felt a bit risky buying an expensive camera online/through the post. I used to drive past the shop years ago and hoped that this was no fly by night outfit. My shopping experience says I was right.
Great price and quick delivery and a free bag too.
Watch their facebook and twitter for discount coupons.


Good value and good service

I have used this company twice. Both times I found that the items were dispatched very quickly and were exactly as I expected.

Home Brew-online

Most excellent online home brew supplier.

My order was received within just 5 days across a weekend. A query I raised about the courier, who couldnt find my house, was replied immediately by email & when I telephoned I got helpful advice. Well done.

A shame all home brew suppliers are not as good as you.

~EDIT after 2nd order. My 2nd order in early March 2012 was received the next working day. All as described and good offer prices on Milestone too. Excellent.

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The Online Homebrew Company

In transit from main warehouse. I WOULD NOT USE THIS COMPANY

I ordered 4 kits on 18 December and another two on 30 December. What a fool. All 6 kits were "in stock" on their website when I ordered them but in my account one or more was on back order.

Like a game of whack-a-mole, the kits took it in turns to go in and out of stock with at least one in each order out of stock with an ETA several days hence, or "in transit from main warehouse".

You would have thought that after several weeks they would prioritise orders for the customers who had been waiting the longest time, but no. I couldnt find a telephone number and a direct email to did not elicit a response. Using the online "help" function would be laughable if it wasn't so frustrating. The (limited character) message function results in a standard response and if you are very lucky a more considered response several days later.

My message in early January suggesting they stop having sales promotions and deliver the orders they had already received was deleted by them without reply.

Eventually I cancelled my orders by email to and via the message function and was told on 30 January I would get a refund & "allow 10 working days". Note; no delay taking my money, but the refund would take 10 working days. Here I am on 17 February and still no refund.

I've tried to chase up my refund but they have removed the ability for me to send messages to them. Leaving a message in their forum results in it being deleted and try it twice and you will be banned.

I have now complained to Southend Trading Standards, Consumer Direct and my bank about them. I'm going to use small claims court and Action Fraud next.

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I am pleased at the prompt way you dealt with my concerns about online homebrew company and the concern about the possiblity of manipulating reviews.

I was not able to leave a review of online homebrew company since they have not provided me with a validation code. I presumed this is because I orered from online home brew company in mid December and still don't have either the products their website said were in stock, or indeed a refund which they finally agreed to provide in January.

I wondered if they are selective about who they allow to leave a review, as until recently all reviews are quite positive. I was concerned that trustpilot were aiding and abetting this, but when I pointed it out to you, you did something about it.

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vendredi 17 février 2012

Réponse de Trustpilot

Hi James Mc

I am sorry you are experiencing problems with the website you are trying to review.

We have removed the validation code, so by entering your order number, you are now able to leave a review.

Best regards
Kasper - Trustpilot Support

The Online-homebrew-forum

Watch your posts get deleted as soon as you ask where your order has got to.

When my order with the home brew online company was delayed for 6 weeks, I found it impossible to get any reliable information or help out of the company using their customer service contact form. I thought that posting a polite message in this forum was the way to get some help, but my post was removed and I was sent a bullying message by the moderator. When I did it again, I was banned.

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